Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mumbai terror organised by Pakistan

We Indian will forget every thing about Mumbai chapter of terrorism in few days. This is our old habit. We do not remember attack on parliament. Akshardham, Kasmir assembly. kandhar etc. etc. etc. We will again start infightings in the name of Mandal, Kamandal, Marathi, Bihari, Asamee etc. etc. in few days. Our nationalism is also very short lived. we are real followers of our political leaders. we simply forget our own wisdom, valour, nationalism, talent, everything on a single call of our political masters. Never applying our own mind and get led immediately. political leaders are our creation. They are there to protect the nation not to divide the nation for their most hated selfish ends. They dictate their worst political agenda on us and we start fighting amongst ourselves as their pawn. when we will start applying our own mind ? when we will start denying their antinational, antisocial and corrupt sermons? when we will unite in real sense? we can also make our country developed.and prosperous simply by applying our own wisdom and by refusing the divisive agenda of some of our so called leaders. political leaders are essential in democracy but they should rule the nation in the interest of nation. They must not be allowed to swallow the country in the name of their nasty politics. Mumbai terrorism attack is the nasty design of Pakistan. This is biggest opportunity to unite the nation and show our leaders the road of national interest. We must not allow them to indulge us in election politics to forget about those days and nights when we all Indians were viewing TV with white faces and burning bloods.

Therefore my request is to remember this terror attack on India for ever like Americans remember 9/11 .